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sorry for the bad webcam quality but I’m too excited to use my SLR haha

It’s so weird to finally have in my hands the shoe I’ve been designing patterns on for months. I put them on straight away and ran down stairs to show dad. His response;

Dad: What are they?

Me: The shoes you bought me for my 18th!

Dad: Oh

Me: Aren’t they the most amazing things you’ve ever seen?

Dad: Well..no.

Me: They’re the shoes I base my designs off?

Dad: Oh thought they looked familiar. Now help me take the washing down.

First thing I did in my fantastic new Litas? took the washing down. True story bro.

I haven’t taken them off yet, they’re really comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in. I didn’t expect them to be this easy actually so all you people worried about breaking their ankles do not fear!

okay I’m going to go back to looking at them. I’ll be putting more designs of the Night Walker’s up soon :)

- Alex

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